Introduction to Mobile

The Mobile module can be used on Dashboard, Query/Report and Analysis pages. Executive managers or salespeople on the move can access crucial company information through their mobile devices.

The Mobile module can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and comes with a comprehensive authorization management, making the mobile platform safe. Not only can users browse real-time company information, they can also export pages into PDF, HTML, Excel and more to view them offline.

If your enterprise demands a custom app for users to browse data on the go, Smart eVision provides a fast way to do that. With simple parameter settings on Smart eVision's application, a custom app is ready for use either on Android or iOS. No coding is needed. For Android, enterprises can also swiftly create their own app. For more guidance, please refer to: Creating A Custom Android App.

The Mobile module inherits all the interactive characteristics of Dashboard, Query/Report, and Analysis. For example in Query/Report, all parameters settings, color management, and drilldown are all available on mobile devices.

When used along with the Scheduling module, users can receive mails and messages on their mobile devices. It is commonly used for regularly sending reports, or notifying related personnel of anomalies. The receivers will be able to act quickly upon receiving updates.

Here we have listed Mobile features that enhance your data viewing experience:

Mobile Related Functions

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