Our Partners & Customers

Our partners and customers span across Europe, America, and Asia. Currently, more than a thousand partners and customers are using Smart eVision as their BI solution, ranging from different industries, government agencies, and academic units.

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Implementation Success Rate

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Customers and Partners

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Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd.

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After comparing various BI tools, we chose the Smart eVision BI platform in the end. Not only can it integrate data of different database types, it also easily and rapidly creates all sorts of data analysis and visualized application.

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LCY Chemical Industry Corporation

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We have been cooperating with Smart eVision for nearly 20 years. The price is very reasonable, and the software is easy to learn. Also, the system is very steady and hasn't had any problems since official implementation. It is an indispensable and high-quality report software for companies.

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Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

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Young, healthy and energetic. Smart eVision Inc. is a happy enterprise. Its software is a highly recommended business intelligence platform.

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Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

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The Smart eVision BI system allows IT members to instantly provide all the integrated information for executives. The operation system may be easy, but the results are impressive!

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Kuai Kuai Co., Ltd

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Smart eVision products assist us in querying our company's internal data. Query allows users to rapidly query in a simple way, increasing work efficiency; Dashboard provides decision makers with charts that help them swiftly grasp management statistics for making vital decisions.

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Ming Chi University of Technology

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Smart eVision provided a complete data integration and analysis environment, allowing us to help school directors create a convenient data visualization platform for school affairs operation. We were also able to implement "school affairs decision-making management mode" with data and evidence as its basis.

How can we help you today?

Select a product combination that best fits your business.

Visualize your data to inspire business insights.
  • Create extraordinary dashboards with our vivid and diverse visual controls. Through interactive dashboards and color indicators, you can discover actionable insights immediately.
Create complex queries and reports with ease.
  • For Query, we provide Static, Dynamic, and Crosstab Query. For web reports, we support visual controls, precise report printing and PDF exporting with bookmarks.
Give users a chance to create their own analysis.
  • Design self-service data analysis with our Analysis. Collaborate with your colleagues to create different analysis versions of the same data. Work together to spark business insights.
Relieve staff of routine tasks and set mobile alarms.
  • Automatically update the In-memory Data Warehouse or send notifications of updated information to decision-makers at a preset time. Data analysis pages can be sent via Email and mobile Apps such as Line Notify, and WeChat.
Data at your fingertips.
  • Our Mobile module allows you to access the latest data updates anytime, anywhere. Along with the Scheduling module, you can receive active alerts as soon as your data is above or below standard value.
Internet of Things: Monitor and analyze real-time data.
  • Realize real-time data monitoring with our IoT module. Send alerts via MQTT and make remote monitoring possible. Also, our auto-backup of historical data offers time series analysis to enhance your business efficiency.

We are proud of these features.

Prepare your data with simple steps. Make your data display easy to manage, easy to analyze.

The Cockpit

Tell your data story with our unique, interactive video wall, the Cockpit. It can autoplay your dashboards, queries, reports, and analyses all on one page.

Centralized │Self-service

We provide security mechanisms for enterprises to govern their data and the Analysis module for self-service designers to create their own stories.

Powerful Data Warehouse

We efficiently save your data processing time so you can create an impressive data-driven story with our diverse DW calculation.

Fast Data Prep

Designers can quickly integrate data by drag and drop and then clearly browse data relationships and processing efficiency in our data relationship diagram.

Clear Color Management

With color management, discover data insights at first glance with ease. You can also save your own color sets and share them with your colleagues.

Security & Maintenance

We provide version control, authentication, and authorization models to meet enterprise requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



Check out our Smart eVision samples below! Click on each sample to interact with Dashboards, Query / Reports, and Analysis pages.

Product Sales

This analysis shows the amount of product sales with icon sets. When users right mouse click on any measure column, they can create new calculation fields or colored indicators on their own and save it. Also, users can expand or collapse product or date hierarchies.

The Cockpit

The Cockpit helps organize the Dashboard, Query/Report, and Analysis pages that executives want to see or discuss during meetings. Click on the icon with four squares on the top right corner to change display modes. For 3D Cockpit, 2D Cockpit and Cover Flow display modes, drag your mouse left and right to view more pages.

Customer Transaction Query

This query displays customer transaction records based on customerID and Orderdate conditions. If the subtotal is below $400, the cell will be colored red.

Yearly Product Sales by Plant

This sample displays the sales performance of each product line in Plants A, B and C. Visuals such as charts and gauges are embedded into this pivot grid. Other visuals available for embedding are Gantt charts, and heat maps.

Multi-Layer Map

This multi-layer map displays regional population through OpenStreetMap. The larger the population, the larger the circles are. Users can double-click on the circles to drill down from continent to country population.

Factory OEE

This dashboard displays the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other indicators in different regions. Data is automatically refreshed every few seconds on the marquees on the left hand side.